In this section, I consider some of the major issues that libraries face as information resources for their communities.

This is the narrative section of a grant proposal I wrote detailing a hypothetical cooperative venture between an urban metropolitan public library system and non-profit breast health educational outreach programs for under-served and at-risk communities in the City of Chicago.
Grant Proposal

This is an issue paper I wrote to promote the value of information freedom in public libraries and to consider the many issues currently surrounding this topic.
The Freedom of Information in Public Libraries

In the following issue paper, I explore the role that public libraries have to play in modern society and consider this role in the context of the core values of librarianship, the cultural history of public libraries, and the needs of modern, urban communities.
The Role of Public Libraries in the Modern World

Library patrons are expecting more online and socially networked services from their library systems. This means that librarians must begin to consider the need for privacy and anonymity in library systems.
Privacy & Anonymity in Library 2.0

Copyright and intellectual property rights are in a state of flux and the direction we take on these issues will affect library patrons’ ability to access information. The following paper addresses some of these issues.
Copyright & Rights Management in a Digital Age