Farewell, Sir Terry

The passing of Sir Terry Pratchett hurts.

It’s not normal for me to get caught up in the passing of a celebrity. I might take part in conversations about issues surrounding them (as I did with Robin Williams and depression) but Sir Terry is different. His death hits me personally.

Reading his work left you with the sense that you now had a personal connection with him. His words were so open and forthright, you felt that he was sharing his soul with you in a way that is rare. His characters found homes inside each of us, they became a part of us, on a level more intimate than any other author I know of.

To everyone who read and treasured his work, he wasn’t just a favorite author—he felt like a friend.

None of what I’ve written here is sufficient to express how important his novels are to me. As author Ellie Di Julio puts it:

Sir Terry taught me about being human.

I’m glad that he has been freed from his suffering. But I’ll truly miss his words. The world has lost a great man and wondrous soul.

The best way to honor this great man is to donate to The Research Institute for the Care of Older People.

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