For Addison, With Love (NaPoWriMo 2016)

April is National Poetry Writing Month and I’ll be participating. I won’t promise a poem a day, and I won’t always be following the daily prompts on the official NaPoWriMo site, but I do plan to write at least two or three new poems a week for the rest of this month.

Here’s my first NaPoWriMo poem:

For Addison, With Love

The love was there, from the beginning.
It was the first feeling and it felt true.
Only after came the fear, the panic, the anxiety,
The resentment and the shame it brought.
These feelings were true enough, in-and-of themselves,
But untrue to the love which was there first.

For a moment, or two, maybe for days, or weeks,
The love got lost in the noise of these other true/untrue feelings:
Strident interference patterns of the heart,
Drowning out the truth of that first true feeling.

Soon enough, the fear dulled, the panic calmed,
The anxiety burned itself out, shame and resentment

And the love is there, still, as always, from the beginning.

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