Fair Game (NaPoWriMo 2016)

Let’s say we make a game:
We create a field,
Assign positions,
Agree on the rules.

You pick your spot,
I pick mine,
Each according to
Our individual talents.

We all play our game
As best we can.
We follow the rules.
We play fair.

But the game doesn’t work.

The playing field
Is too unlevel,
The rules turn out
To be too unfair.

Some of us
Get stuck in muddy mires.
Some lucky few
Get the high ground.

Even the best of us
Can’t play to our best
With the field
And the rules

So unfair.
So unlevel.

It’s not what we wanted.
It’s no one’s fault.
We all played
By the rules.

The field started level
But wore unevenly
As we all
Played together.

The rules were
Flawed, the field of play
Poorly designed.
Our game doesn’t work.

But it’s our game
And we can change it.
Rewrite the rules,
Redraw the field.

Try again,
Try better.

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