NaPoWriMo 2019: Day 16, Take 2

I have a confession: The poem I first posted for today was something I wrote a couple of years ago. It fit today’s prompt (“write a poem that uses the form of a list to defamiliarize the mundane.”) so perfectly, I couldn’t not post it. But I feel I need to post something written here-and-now, today, for NaPoWriMo. So, bonus poem for today.

The Wonder of Engineering

We learned to control fire
to generate heat
to melt stone
to create and shape metal.

We learned to dig to find oil
to distill and refine it
to control its burn
to harness its energy.

We learned to leverage forces
to coordinate mechanics
to build complex tools
to amplify our power.

Such rarified intellectual feats!
Such leaps of imagination!
Such sophisticated accomplishment!

Need to mow the lawn again.
I hope this rattle-trap contrivance
actually starts this time.

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