NaPoWriMo 2019: Day 21

Today’s prompt: “write a poem that … incorporates wild, surreal images.” (


If the oceans rise to fill the land,
and the land inverts to swallow the
oceans, and air leaps to the heights
of space, exiting orbit, flying off toward

Saturn, we’ll dance rings around the rings:
those glorious, incandescent, iridescent,
idiosyncratic rings girding the failed
star like a girdle straining to constrain

The rolls of fat around your uncle’s
midsection, holding together while flying
apart, a give-and-take of gravity and
aesthetics, the two-step cha-cha foxtrot of

A dancing Universe, banged out in conflicting
times, as we roll over and over and ’round
and ’round, as we fall to land to sink into
oceans of salt and magma and we come back

again. It’s the cycles, do you see? The
rounds of rings and the ebbing of tides
and the way the land subsumes and eats
itself. From the Biggest of Bangs, to

The smallest of whimpers, the upheavals
and sublimations, the sublime and the
mundane: the Universe shimmies and shines
and we dance along with everything.

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