Book Review: Resistant by Rachael Sparks

Cover of the book Resistant by Rachael Sparks
by Rachael Sparks
SparkPress, 2018

This review was first published by Booklist on August 20, 2018.

In the near future, antibiotic-resistant bacteria have decimated the population. One young woman may hold the cure, and, aided by the Resistance, she is on the run from nefarious government agents. Besieged by betrayals, she must figure out whom to trust and how to save mankind. Sparks’ debut is a thrill ride for readers of biological thrillers like those of Robin Cook. The strong pacing and characterization contribute to an easily believable world with just the right amount of technology to satisfy more traditional sf readers. There is even a dash of romance. Despite the occasional awkward transition and slightly heavy-handed exposition, Resistant is a potent combination of elements, making this a novel that’s sure to appeal to a wide audience.

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