Book Review: We Are Mayhem by Michael Moreci

Cover of the book We Are Mayhem by Michael Moreci
We Are Mayhem
by Michael Moreci
St. Martin’s, 2019

This review was first published by Booklist on March 1, 2019.

Moreci’s second novel in his Black Star Renegades series (Black Star Renegades, 2018) is even more compelling than its predecessor: action packed and funny, with more emotional resonance. We Are Mayhem deepens established characters’ relationships and explores how they inhabit their world. The narrative follows two alternating story lines—Cade, searching for answers to help him control the Rokura, and Kira, leading the rebellion against Praxis. Each chapter ends with a cliff-hanger, and there are several surprise reveals and an unexpected ending. Though occasionally the novelty of Moreci’s characters and ideas outpace his unsophisticated writing style, readers who are hooked will be eager for the next installment.

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