Onward & Upward

I’ve written three posts over the past few weeks exploring lessons I’ve learned about customer service through a variety of past jobs and experiences, as well as from my more recent years as a public librarian. I’ve spent a lot of time lately looking back over my working life and mining it for all the wisdom I can.

There’s a reason for this retrospection:

On June 11th, I begin a new job. I’m leaving the Kansas City Public Library—today is my last day, actually.

I’ve accepted a position with the Johnson County Library system in Johnson County, Kansas (the Kansas side of the KC metro area). I’ll be the Branch Manager for three of their locations: Gardner, Edgerton, and Spring Hill.

I’m excited to take this next step in my career. I’ll miss my coworkers at KCPL—staff there have been instrumental in making KC my home—and the work I’ve done thus far has been the most meaningful work I’ve ever done.

But I have more to contribute and more meaningful work to do. I’m ready to take on more responsibility. I’m eager to learn how a different library system operates and to gain experience serving a different kind of community. Johnson County is a growing community, becoming more diverse, and it’ll be an interesting challenge to figure out how to adapt to serve people’s evolving needs.

Onward and upward.

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